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Re: sexism

Dec 21, 1996 03:20 AM
by John Straughn

Ann E. Bermingham writes:
>> From: liesel f. deutsch <>
>> . . . I'm reminded of an insulting French
>> saying, which is eminently true "la vie est un desert, et la femme est le
>> chameau qui nous y transporte." Life is a desert, and woman is the camel
>> (also means idiot) which transports us across it.
>> Actually, the word "nous" means "we", but in this case "we" means "men".
>> OK, so now let's see how any old macho man can rationalize this away.
>Perhaps the camel should periodically dump the rider and kick their butt. ;
>-Ann E. Bermingham
Hmmm...the guy who wrote it and the people who say it are sexist.
I have a saying, however, which goes a little something like this:

All men who say all women are sexist are camels.
All women who say all men are sexist are camels.
All camels spit a lot and usually their spit stinks.
If one chooses to spit like a camel, one should expect their fellow camels to
spit back.
And if one does not like the smell of camel spit, one should cease being a
camel, or stop spitting.
If one can cease being a camel, and stop spitting, and sympathize/attempt
understanding, one will probably convince all the other camels to do the same,
and the camels, who will no longer be camels, will smell a lot better.
----End of saying

Unfortunately, many camels only look at things from a camel's point of view,
and fail to put themselves in another camel's (and non-camel's) booties, and
therefore continue spitting and getting spit upon.

My advice to camels, sometimes being one myself and knowing from experience,
is to switch booties every once in a while and to stop getting insulted and
spitting whenever another camel with a different number of humps (hehe...bad
analogy, but oh well) comes along with a point of view which differs from
their own.

I hereby state that I have ceased being a camel, and, from now on, I would
appreciate and welcome and suggestions for solutions to the problem we are
most obviously facing.
The Triaist

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