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Re: Karma

Dec 21, 1996 03:41 AM
by John Straughn

Michael writes:
>The Triaist wrote:
>>"To wrap it up, the more good you do in your lifetime, the better the
>>chances that you and your sisters and brothers will have good things happen
>>to them.  The flip side of the coin, the more bad you do, the better the
>>chances that bad things will happen.
>Poor Jesus Christ, Mozart, Chopin and all the noble good men/women who
>suffered so much in their lives in spite of them having given so much to

It was my point that even though you may give yourself totally to humanity,
you are still subject to the same chance that bad/good things will happen to
you.  Everyone's cumulative actions influence Karma.  One person's action,
good or bad, gets thrown into a "karma pool" and is "diluted" within it.  The
more bad that gets thrown in, the more bad exists in the karmic pool.
Therefore, more "bad" karma is manifested.

>In my opinion Karma is related to the quality of one's actions. That is to
>say one's actions (or lack of it), thoughts, giving way to impulses, etc.
>etc. tie one down to a particular level of being. Every act is an
>affirmation of belonging to a mentality.
>As a crude example, if one consorts with thieves and criminals and show by
>your actions that you are  part of their  world,  full of agression,
>jealousy, hatred one should not be surprised to become a victim of it
>oneself some day.

Most definitely, but IMO, one's actions do not have a DIRECT, personal,
realation to a future life.

>Another aspect Karma is that it is  the price one has to pay in suffering to
>move away from one level to another. Tearing oneself from the ingrained
>behaviour, way of thinking and acting on one level in order to move  to a
>better one.
>In short uprooting oneself. Constantly dying from one mode of living to
>However, this does not explain the suffering of noble minds.

Wouldn't my theory account for this?

I'm not sure, but your understanding of karma seems much like my own.  You
seemed to disagree with it, and I'm grateful for your opinion, but after
reading your post, I'm still not quite sure about what aspect of it you
disagree with...

Looking forward to future correspondence...
The Triaist

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