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Re: Karma

Dec 20, 1996 09:48 PM
by kymsmith

Michael wrote:

>However, this does not explain the suffering of noble minds.
>I do not think there is an exact retribution. IT may even be so that
>somewhere in evolution Gods hankered for suffering as desert people do for

Those are interesting statements.

I guess the "Gods" did hanker for suffering since we hankered for the
"material" which is apparently the reason we got our "spirit/soul" dragged
"down here" in the first place.

Exact retribution?  Boy, I sure hope there is, somehow. . .I think.
Randomness (as karma), in its raw form, is kind of disquieting.

I do not see how a noble mind wouldn't suffer.  I can't fancy how an
"enlightened one" could be trapped in a human mind and body - and not be
uncomfortable.  Nor can I surmise how an enlightened one, or noble mind,
could glance around, see the pain and suffering of their fellow beings, and
not be troubled.  Yet, again, I am aware that, according to most doctrine, a
sign you are on the "up-swing" is when you disentangle yourself from earthly
beings and things - concentrating on the inward, on perfecting yourself, on
becoming undisturbed.

I don't know. . .I just don't get it, I guess.  The more I read about it,
the more psycho I become.  The more I read about the "unearthly" the more
the "earthly" beckons.

>The mechanical laws
>of our world who work without regard to who is being affected by it, present
>opportunities to show one's true character.

Boy, you got that right. . .


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