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A Joke Gone Horribly Wrong

Dec 20, 1996 11:50 PM
by kymsmith

>Tom wrote:
>>>(Kym wrote) Christmas seems to be a time, like no other, to
>>>recognize just how pitifully lonely you are

>>I use such times as a reminder that the ego is illusory, and to _joyfully_
>>play with my cat.
Kym wrote:

>Cats are superior to men and women - the facts are irrefutable.

>Nota bene:  Your name has yet to be scratched off my list as the sender of
that >Christmas card so full of Yuletide cheer and verbal thuggery.



Tom has let me know, gently but firmly (via private e-mail), that he was not
the one who sent me the Christmas card.

Well, I KNEW he never sent me the Christmas card anyway. . .and I actually
consider the Christmas card more humorous than noxious. (geez, I hope it is!)

The above post was a clumsy reference to the verbal jousting Tom and I have
had on theos.  I realize now how he could interpret this post as insulting,
and how its landing on theos was over-the-line.

Whoever did send me the card is obviously getting alot of mileage out of it. . .

My apologies to you, Tom.


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