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Dec 21, 1996 03:21 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

K PAul Johnson,

You're absolutely right. We've all lived with the same mindset for so long
that we just accept it as being the way things are, both men and women. It's
a mindset that's been part of our civilisation from beyond Bible days.
That's how far back a male god started to take over, & lord it over
everybody. One of my feminist books points out that when the Bible talks
about conquering the heathen, these heathen were ususally worshipers of the
Goddess. What needs to be done now, is for modern men and women both to
recognize what's been happening, and establish a healthier mindset, because
the mindset, as it is or was, led us to a very lopsided civilisation. The
new mindset, I think, should not go back to having the Goddess rule over the
whole universe, but a sharing of gods & godesses, with each contributing his
or her good qualities. It takes both men and women to accomplish this. Only,
when you look back over what's been, if you are a woman, you get darn mad at
some of the things the men had the nerve to do. Many of them still do. Which
doesn't change the fact that we've all got to wake up to this.


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