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Re: Sexism

Dec 20, 1996 05:31 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> At 02:47 AM 12/20/96 +0000, (liesel f. deutsch)
> >It seems that very often we women just get dumped on, and we've
> >gotten so used to it throughout the centuries, that we just take
> >gets dished out to us, and we struggle on from there. No matter how
sick, or
> >pregnant, or anything else we are, most of us manage to carry on taking
> >of our families and all the chores. Nobody says "thank you", not ever.
> From T. Robertson:
> No matter how much some radical feminists may believe that there might be
> or 2 men somewhere who are slightly imperfect in what I assume to be
> insignificant ways, the responsibility for men taking women who give more
> than they receive for granted is mutual.  All good things create
> a factor which all givers should take into account.  The recipient of a
> is not obligated to the extent of the cost to the giver, but to the
> of the benefit to the recipient.  If the cost to the giver is greater
> the benefit to the recipient, that is the giver's responsibility.

This post is to all the people on this list that have opened their hearts
and shared their experiences with no reserve.  In relating the
painful events that they have suffered because of discrimination they
have had the courage to expose themselves to us in a way that
others may have shrunk from.  Their honesty can only be applauded.
The women's movement to strive for equality willl not be deterred by
any one person or group of persons.  It is at the very heart of the
Aquarian Age, where the group and equality will be the first order
of the day.

I give my heartfelt thanks to all the men and women who posted
revealing and encouraging messages.  They have educated and enriched

It is unfortunate that there are certain individuals who cannot or will not
empathize with another's problems, not discuss them in a straightforward
manner, preferring to twist these honest posts around, confuse the issues
make it seem that the oppressed were really at fault for their oppression.
There is such a thing as beating a dead horse and in this case, I believe
that many of us have come to that point.

If someone cannot or will not see the plain truth when it is presented
to them, there is nothing that we cannot do to make it come about.
Life and karma will most certainly do the job for us.

Again, my best regards to all those who have posted heartfelt and
honest messages.  I have truly appreciated them, even if others
did not.

Happy Holidays!

-Ann E. Bermingham


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