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Re: Answer to Doss

Dec 11, 1996 09:25 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> I did gain a few enemies as a result of the book, but the

Amazing. Anyone who truly believes in the First Object in its widest
form, cannot have enemies -- it is possible that due to strong
disagreement on any issue or item, one may not like to have contact with
a certain person.

When you see anyone treating you like their enemy, you do not have any
problem. It is the other person who has a problem. It simple shows lack
of a deep understanding and application of the First Object.

I had a funny development over the last several months. A member of TS
with whom there were differences of opinion, suddenly changed
written salutation from Brother to Mr. It did not bother me. It showed only
how little this person understood the practical application of the First
Object, in spite of the long membership and exposure to all the intricate
details of the various classic Theosophical texts.

It also reminded me of the mythology surrounding the King Ravan who
abducted Sita the wife of King Rama.

Ravan was a very accomplished person and figuratively had ten heads to
signify his accomplishments. While nine of them were to relate to his
accomplishments in various arts and sciences and other spiritual matters,
the tenth head was that of a donkey. Donkey in Indian tradition is the
symbolic of dullheaded and dumbness.

So the haters have a problem for themselves not for those who they hate.


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