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Re: Answer to Doss

Dec 12, 1996 04:25 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <Pine.BSD/>,
"m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>Amazing. Anyone who truly believes in the First Object in its widest
>form, cannot have enemies -- it is possible that due to strong
>disagreement on any issue or item, one may not like to have contact with
>a certain person.

Whoa!  I see a sweeping generalisation here!  I *know* I have some
enemies because they *behave* like enemies - they attack me maliciously
and with harmful intent.  However widely I "believe" in the first object
(no capitalisation - it's an ideal, not a holy icon) they behave the
same way consistently.

With such people I definitely do *not* want to have contact, even though
they claim to support the first object and the TS.  I *know* such people
are enemies from their behavior!

With great respect Doss, try telling this to someone who is aiming at
your jugular vein - you likely won't get past the first few words!  The
world is not a nice place full of well-meaning and idealistic
theosophists, and some of those who claim the title have dishonored it,
as a study of Theosophical Society history has shown.

In Mother India, home of the "Masters" there has been a sad history of
murder, maiming and destruction, not from the wicked Christians, but
between Muslims and Hindus, from whom so much theosophical teaching has
been derived, and who would all claim to support some form of the first

This is planet earth. Location: down.

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