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Re: Announcing the Release of a New Ebook

Dec 11, 1996 09:04 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

Let me congratulate the ebook publication. This is a landmark and I hope
to see more such publications.


On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 wrote:

> New Theosophical Ebook
> This is to announce an ebook version of FUNDAMENTALS OF THE
> ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHY in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format. It can be
> downloaded using a web browser from:
> The ebook is based upon the first edition, but also includes
> spelling updates, standardization of terminology, and reworking of
> the diagrams into postscript drawings. A copyright has been added
> to protect it against commercial exploitation, and it refers the
> reader to buy a paper copy from either Theosophical University
> Press or Point Loma Publications, the two publishers offering the
> book in print.
> The ebook is over 3 MB in size, but it is a large book, with over
> 600 pages of text. The electronic edition leaves off a table of
> contents, and page headers. Footnotes are merged into the text.
> Text is related to the pagination of the first edition through the
> insertion of page-end markers. A "[37]" is inserted, for instance,
> into the etext at the point where page 37 of the print edition
> ends. This allows for citations to be made to the print edition,
> regardless of how the ebook pagination changes from one release to
> the next, or from one format (like PDF) to the next (like HTML).
> Any errors noticed in the book should be referred to
> so that corrections can be made in subsequent releases of the
> text.

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