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Re: Friend to All

Dec 11, 1996 09:01 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 wrote:

> M.K. Ramadoss writes-->
> As one who feels deeply about all living beings, especially the Humanity, I
> consider *every* living being my friend.
> If anyone comes and meets me, I will meet him as my friend. Anyone is welcome
> to come to my home as my home is open to anyone.
> This approach has worked very well for me and I developed it solely due to my
> exposure to T/theosophy.
> Richard Ihle writes-->
> Thank you, M.K. Ramadoss, brother and friend.
> As I said previously, you are my kind of theosophist.
> Let us be the last two hold-outs on this issue, if we must.  Let others
> carefully scrutinize one another for proper ideas and attitudes in order to
> find friends worthy of themselves.  By contrast, let us be the very models of
> promiscuity in this regard:  let all who apply to us get the position without
> test or tardiness.  Indeed, let us affix the ~friend~ label on even those who
> don't apply, and let them try to tear it off if they can. . . .
> Godspeed,
> Richard Ihle

Thanks for your concurrence.

I recall a real experiment that took place during a time when there was a
national epidemic of hostility and discrimination of anyone of Japanese

A survey was sent out a random sample of hotels/motels across the country
asking them if a couple of Japanese origin were to show up, will they
accommodate them renting rooms. About 90% responded that they will not
rent rooms.

A couple of Japanese origin drove across the country and lo and behold at
90% of the those who responded to paper questionairre that they will not
accommodate  them, did indeed rent rooms when the couple showed up. What
this experiment showed was that repondents tend to respond in one way to
paper question and totally differently react on a person to person basis.

It is quite likely that even those that some of us may hate, will react
totally differently if it is a person to person contact.

Just my 2 cents worth.


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