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Re: Friend to All

Dec 09, 1996 08:00 PM
by RIhle

M.K. Ramadoss writes-->
As one who feels deeply about all living beings, especially the Humanity, I
consider *every* living being my friend.

If anyone comes and meets me, I will meet him as my friend. Anyone is welcome
to come to my home as my home is open to anyone.

This approach has worked very well for me and I developed it solely due to my
exposure to T/theosophy.

Richard Ihle writes-->
Thank you, M.K. Ramadoss, brother and friend.

As I said previously, you are my kind of theosophist.

Let us be the last two hold-outs on this issue, if we must.  Let others
carefully scrutinize one another for proper ideas and attitudes in order to
find friends worthy of themselves.  By contrast, let us be the very models of
promiscuity in this regard:  let all who apply to us get the position without
test or tardiness.  Indeed, let us affix the ~friend~ label on even those who
don't apply, and let them try to tear it off if they can. . . .


Richard Ihle

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