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Re: Who is the True Theosophist?

Dec 09, 1996 07:29 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:

> You are, at best, confusing the distinction between equal and identical.  If
> men and women are equal but not identical, then men must be superior to
> women in some ways. That I mentioned some ways in which I thought this was
> true, at the same time mentioning as many ways in which I considered women
> to be superior to men and explicitly mentioning that I considered them to be
> equal overall, makes me wonder what motivates you to so blatantly
> mischaracterize what I have written.

	You are confusing a combination of statistical correlations and wishful
fantasy with universal truth. Let me give you an example: Statistically
speaking, most men are physically stronger than most women. The
strongest men are physically stronger than the strongest women. However,
by your logic, this means that any man is stronger than any woman, and
there is something inherently wrong with a given woman being stronger
than a given man.

	Bart Lidofsky

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