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Re: Friend to All

Dec 12, 1996 05:30 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & ASB

At 08:22 09.12.1996 -0500, Doss wrote:

>Let me add my 2 cents worth.
>As one who feels deeply about all living beings, especially the Humanity,
>I consider *every* living being my friend.
>If anyone comes and meets me, I will meet him as my friend. Anyone is
>welcome to come to my home as my home is open to anyone.
>This approach has worked very well for me and I developed it solely due
>to my exposure to T/theosophy.
>    Peace to all living beings.
>    M K Ramadoss

Dear Doss.

As usual your Wisdom is on wholesale! It's worth a lot more than two cents!

I too have been browsing the list, and I must say that I am amazed at how
far away it's discussion has been able to come from my personal notion of
what brother/sister/mater/pater/family-hood - is, which core is so
beautifully expressed in your "confession" abowe.

Mark also pointed out:

>>>>Intuition, as a characteristic of Buddhi is also what we are taught. But
we are additionally asked to know Buddhi as loving kindness and wise
compassion. This knowledge is born out of the intuition of the intrinsic
oneness of identity as Life and the experience of the unity of our
individual identities as One in the universal. There is individuality
here, but no gender distinction. In the higher reaches, there is not
even individuality. I AM THAT I AM. Only when we turn earthward and
personalize this intuitive understanding, do we then think thoughts of
and feel feelings of "Brotherhood", "Humanity" "Love for one another",
"Kindness" and "The Spirit of all Humankind".<<<<

Couldn't we all try to be a little more sensitive and caring in our
exclamations of our beliefs, if we have to cling to our beliefs at all.
Can't we clearly see that the opinions of others, as well as ourselves, are
mere figments in our minds, and at best have some vague indication to the
reality "out there".
If someone tells me that I'm "a male chauvenist pig" (which might well be a
fact), that statement describes only what goes on in that persons head,
doesn't it?! - BUT! - If that statement stirs up some unpeasant feelings in
MY mind, I should stop short and consider what it is in ME that reacts! - If
I on the other hand truly KNOW that there is nothing to it - then I won't
react at all, and moreover I would not bother to engage in a useless
discussion on the statement. Who we are, "speaks always much louder" to
people than what we say, especially if what we say also speaks compassion
and care for all.
He who talks mean lies about a third pary, whom I learn to be innocent of
said acusations, insults me, and is not worty of my trust any more. How
about you?

Please try to listen with care and compssion to what "our family" has to say
on this list, and bear in mind that everyone is entitled to his own views.
As long as you are free not to subscribe to them, they will not harm you.
Only if you get attached, or react to what others say, in a positive OR a
negative way, will it influence you. Speak your mind with compassion, it is
your right, but please accept the same right for every other individual.

This is not ment as a preaching to anyone on the list, just some thoughts
from the heart of a mind that cares.

Love and Light to you all.

Einar from Iceland

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