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Answer to Doss

Dec 09, 1996 06:37 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

M. K. Ramadoss asked how publication of The Masters Revealed
changed the percentage of my friends and enemies who were
Theosophists.  Referring just to IRL relationships, not to
those existing only on cyberspace: no loss of Theosophical
friends resulted from the book, but I had few to start with.
When I was actively involved in a TS branch, the number of
Theosophists friends may have risen to five out of the 25, but
moving changed that, not my literary endeavors.
I did gain a few enemies as a result of the book, but the
disproportionate ratio of Theosophists among meanest-people-I-
can-recall was evident well before the book came out.
My guess is it just has to do with the proportion of "cranks"
who are involved in a movement of a certain age.

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