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Re: Great White Brotherhood

Oct 09, 1996 03:26 PM
by Maurice de Montaine

On  9 Oct 96 at 12:02, Maxim Osinovsky wrote:

> I think we do not know exactly how the members of the Brotherhood
> call their community. Here are some names known to me:

     On the contrary, my brother, they specifically refer to it under
the general appellation Great White Brotherhood. Let us always
remember that just because some may not be sure, then it does not
necessarily follow that all are not certain or don't know.

> 1. Great White Brotherhood: seems to be a surrogate name for
> Westerners; correct, descriptive, but imprecise.

     Verily so. Nonetheless, such is it's general name now. It did
have alternate general names in the distant past though. The Western
theme in this respect has been almost universally adopted by the
Brotherhood in its usage thereof. However, in contradistinction to
you, my brother, I would affirm its preciseness.

> 2. Great White Lodge: mentioned in A.Bailey's "Initiation Human and
> Solar."

     Yes, I possess all AABs books. The Great White Lodge is an
alternate name and description for the Great White Brotherhood. It is
legitimate. However, this situation does not contravene the general
usage of the other designation as above-mentioned. For sometimes the
Masters themselves use Great White Lodge, but mostly it is Great
White Brotherhood.

     Besides, it was my intention to demonstrate the legitimacy of
using such terms as brotherhood  that had me mention this

> 3. Shambhala: According to Alice Bailey is to be applied to ANOTHER
> planetary center, that of Will, the Brotherhood being the center of
> planetary LOve. Although it may be--and often is--applied to the
> Brotherhood, technically speaking it's incorrect.

     Shamballa (Shambhala) is a distinct part of the Great White
Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is composed of many brotherhoods, orders
and offices under the one general organisation and banner.

> 4. Other names used sometimes interchangeably with Shambhala (like
> Agartha) do not seem to be used by Masters. BTW a new book on
> Shambhala just came out:

     Strictly speaking, Agartha refers to a distinct underground
place. It is not Shamballa.

> 5. Hierarchy: used abundantly by A.Bailey, but I do not think it's
> in use between the Masters themselves. Seems to be another surrogate
> for Westerners.

     Hierarchy is a general term used to describe the overall nature
of the Kingdom of God (the Spiritual Kingdom). Once again, within the
use of this general term is the specific. These specifics are in
part: Planetary Hierarchy and Solar Hierarchy. There are still higher
aspects of Hierarchy. And Great White Brotherhood remains a
legitimate general term as utilised by the collectivity of the
Hierarchy by themselves as well as by others.

> 6. Maitreya Sangha (i.e. Community of Maitreya): used as a logo on
> front covers and title pages of all Agni Yoga books; this one seems
> to be the most precise name and a self-designation (but I cannot
> prove it). If this is so, it is to used (i.e. pronounced and thought
> of) with great care.

     A specific aspect of the work of the Brotherhood on the physical
plane. It is like saying El Morya's Ashram. Interestingly, Maitreya
does maintain a specific Mystery School.



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