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Re: Great White Brotherhood

Oct 09, 1996 03:29 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Maurice de Montaine wrote:

> > 3. Shambhala: According to Alice Bailey is to be applied to ANOTHER
> > planetary center, that of Will, the Brotherhood being the center of
> > planetary LOve. Although it may be--and often is--applied to the
> > Brotherhood, technically speaking it's incorrect.
>      Shamballa (Shambhala) is a distinct part of the Great White
> Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is composed of many brotherhoods, orders
> and offices under the one general organisation and banner.

> > 5. Hierarchy: used abundantly by A.Bailey, but I do not think it's
> > in use between the Masters themselves. Seems to be another surrogate
> > for Westerners.
>      Hierarchy is a general term used to describe the overall nature
> of the Kingdom of God (the Spiritual Kingdom). Once again, within the
> use of this general term is the specific. These specifics are in
> part: Planetary Hierarchy and Solar Hierarchy. There are still higher
> aspects of Hierarchy. And Great White Brotherhood remains a
> legitimate general term as utilised by the collectivity of the
> Hierarchy by themselves as well as by others.
> > 6. Maitreya Sangha (i.e. Community of Maitreya): used as a logo on
> > front covers and title pages of all Agni Yoga books; this one seems
> > to be the most precise name and a self-designation (but I cannot
> > prove it). If this is so, it is to used (i.e. pronounced and thought
> > of) with great care.
>      A specific aspect of the work of the Brotherhood on the physical
> plane. It is like saying El Morya's Ashram. Interestingly, Maitreya
> does maintain a specific Mystery School.


I find your corrections somewhat confusing.

Since you own all A.Bailey's books you should know that the most consistent
and precise way of thinking of Shambhala, etc., is in terms of planetary
chakras according to the Hermetic principle of correspondences. It means
that one may find some correspondences to Shambhala, etc., in one's own
body (not necessarily physical body though), which makes the whole issue
much more sensible and down-to-earth. I just would like to mention it,
it's not my intention at this time to write about it in more detail.

Your way of referring to Master Morya as El Morya suggests that you
acknowledge the material channeled by Mark Prophet and Elisabeth Clair
Prophet (spelling may be in error). I do not.

More references:

A lot of material about the Brotherhood may be found in the following
Agni Yoga books:

	- Hierarchy

	- New Era Community (or just Community)

	- Brotherhood

	- Supermundane (subtitle: Book 1. The Inner Life of the Brotherhood)

Very valuable material including minute details of the life of the
Himalayan ashram of the Brotherhood, is found in Helen Roerich's book
entitled "On the Threshold of the New World" (in Russian; published in
Moscow by the International Roerichs' Center in 1994). An OCLC record

|ACCESSION: 32004294
|   AUTHOR: Rerikh, E. I. (Elena Ivanovna), 1879-1955.
|    TITLE: U poroga novogo mira /
|    PLACE: Moskva :
|PUBLISHER: Mezhdunarodnyi tsentr Rerikhov : Firma BISAN-OAZIS,
|     YEAR: 1994
| PUB TYPE: Book
|   FORMAT: 167 p. ; 22 cm.
|   SERIES: Malaia Rerikhovskaia biblioteka
|    NOTES: Notes and correspondence of E. I. Rerikh.
|           Includes bibliographical references.
|     ISBN: 5869880343 (pbk.) :
|  SUBJECT: Rerikh, E. I. -- (Elena Ivanovna), -- 1879-1955. --
|           Correspondence.
|           Yoga.
|           Hindu cosmology.
|           Philosophy, Buddhist.
|           Occultism.
|           Theosophy.
|           Dream interpretation.
|           Visions.
|           Philosophers -- Soviet Union -- Correspondence.
|    OTHER: Shaposhnikova, L. V. (Liudmila Vasilevna)

Unfortunately this material is not covered in the book on Shambhala I
referred to in my previous posting.


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