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Re: Isis & history (Liesel)

Oct 09, 1996 03:05 PM
by Jim Meier

Hi Liesel --

I'm responding to your post of yesterday because you addressed it to me, but
I only posted a quotation from the thread from Jerry H-E and Abrantes.  As
to a couple of points you made,

><clip>... and so I'm just not
>interested in Christianity's early origins, Especially not to the extent
>you've been discussing them on this list for the past few weeks. But then,
>I'm not that interested in the roots of Theosophy either. I just can't see
>that digging around in the past can be that constructive. It's an
>interesting pass time, sometimes. But as far as having any practical
>applications, I find it rather useless. I'd rather read about and write
>about ideas I can use in my daily life.

OK, but knowing the history of the forces that shaped our world/interests
gives an insight to the forces acting *now*.  The Judeo-Christian myth is
such a large part of our American heritage, and even a cursory study of
early Church history pops a lot of the balloons most of us grew up with as
"givens".  That's the sort of shock a fundamentalist will likely never
recover from, but it sure opens up a fascinating depth of meaning for those
who try to find the Christ in a context outside of orthodox theology.  Like
Theosophy.  Of course, it's an interesting passtime, too.  :)

><clip>... But it seems to me ... it'd be more productive if you discussed
>something like the Sermon on the Mount, or the story with the loaves and
fishes >... passages that can be applied to living today. At least that's my
considered >opinion.

Productive in what sense?  There's a bias against Christianty in Theosophy,
and this forum probably isn't the best for such discussions (imo).  The
"anti- Christian" (at least, anti-organized Christianity) prejudice seems to
cycle; first the comments by HPB and Olcott, then the 20's and the heydey of
the LCC and Besant's ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY, then the backlash against the
Krishnamurti hysteria... who knows what the future will bring.  On the other
hand, there aren't that many Christian mail lists for Theosophists, either.


PS: The Sermon on the Mount is my personal favorite; p994 in the Gideon
Bible, Matt 5-7.  (Sales types spend a lot of time in hotel rooms)

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