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Great White Brotherhood

Oct 09, 1996 08:54 AM
by Maxim Osinovsky

I think we do not know exactly how the members of the Brotherhood call
their community. Here are some names known to me:

1. Great White Brotherhood: seems to be a surrogate name for Westerners;
correct, descriptive, but imprecise.

2. Great White Lodge: mentioned in A.Bailey's "Initiation Human and Solar."

3. Shambhala: According to Alice Bailey is to be applied to ANOTHER
planetary center, that of Will, the Brotherhood being the center of
planetary LOve. Although it may be--and often is--applied to the
Brotherhood, technically speaking it's incorrect.

4. Other names used sometimes interchangeably with Shambhala (like
Agartha) do not seem to be used by Masters. BTW a new book on Shambhala
just came out:

|ACCESSION: 34598145
|   AUTHOR: LePage, Victoria.
|    TITLE: Shambhala :
|           the fascinating truth behind the myth of Shangri-la /
|    PLACE: Wheaton, Ill. :
|PUBLISHER: Theosophical Publishing House,
|     YEAR: 1996
| PUB TYPE: Book
|     ISBN: 083560750X
|  SUBJECT: Shambhala.
|           Legends -- Himalaya Mountains.

5. Hierarchy: used abundantly by A.Bailey, but I do not think it's in use
between the Masters themselves. Seems to be another surrogate for Westerners.

6. Maitreya Sangha (i.e. Community of Maitreya): used as a logo on front
covers and title pages of all Agni Yoga books; this one seems to be the
most precise name and a self-designation (but I cannot prove it). If this
is so, it is to used (i.e. pronounced and thought of) with great care.

As to female adepts, I believe they exist (I do not refer here to a
mysterious entity called the Mother of the World--another sacred name to
be used with great care). My source of information: some Agni Yoga
materials like Helen Roerich's letters and diaries not available yet in
English translation.

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, JRC wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Maurice de Montaine wrote:
> >
> >      By the bye, perhaps we should admonish the Masters of the Great
> > White BROTHERHOOD also for daring to use such a gender specific name.
> > The name, of course, was chosen by the Brotherhood itself at a
> > specific period in the history of our planet and not by Blavatsky,
> > the Theosophists, the Rosicrucians or any other. This illustrious
> > Brotherhood contains within its ranks and offices those of both
> > genders. It does not discriminate, nor does it do away with
> > legitimate gender specific terms to appease ignorant humanity. And it
> > still retains the name as well as valid gender specific language to
> > this very day. There, at least, sanity reigns.
> >
> WOW! I wonder how you know that?
> Please give the list a chance Kym ... not all the men on it speak down to
> women as badly as that post does, and many agree either in part or wholly
> with your sentiments regarding the use of language.
> 								-JRC

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