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Oct 09, 1996 05:55 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Ann B.:
>> No, heretics have antique value, especially if they are "babes".

Gertrude the Churchmouse:
>Isn't a babe female?  I don't think he qualifies.....
>Besides, I prefer ground Chuck (smile & ducking)

Although my online dictionary defines it's slang usage as a "young woman", one
must not forget that as we respond to the equalizing energies of the Aquarian
Age, that the term can be applied to both sexes.  I first heard it used in this
manner when reading my soap opera newsgroup.  One poster referred to a couple of
the actors as "real babes."  I found it quite refreshing.  After all, why
shouldn't men be known and appreciated for their beauty as well as women known
and appreciated for their brains and accomplishments.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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