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Re: Psychism & Cayce

Sep 03, 1996 12:31 PM
by Martin_Euser

Some short comments (it's such a vast topic) on what Bee wrote:

Bee><snip> Unfortunately most of us abstract from an
original experience of something, in a sloppy way and end up using symbols
that Korsybski calls noises because they have wandered out of the path of
abstraction of the reality of the experience and into wishful thinking,
emotional desires etc.

        So, what you're saying here is that most of us don't understand
(the deeper significance and meaning of) our experiences of life?
We misinterpret events? This is likely to some extent: we perceive objects,
events, relations, etc. through a filter of conditioned thinking; conditioned
by ages of misinformation about the human nature and all its layers of

 Bee>Therefore Patanjali says that control of our desire
nature becomes very necessary if we want a healthy mental body to pursue our
quest and further development through the psychic realms without problems.

        Agreed. The question boils down to how to control our desire nature.

<big snip>

"Patanjali's methodology may be summarized as follows:
 1) Disentangle the psyche from the elemental, animal and animalized human
desire influences by the superior mental powers;
2) Direct the forces by which the psychic-nature functions to the centers in
which Mind contacts the personality in identity with 'the objective world',
and thence into the Mind-level of the individualized Self or Master;
 3) Through control and purification of the thinking-principle and the
instrumentality of Mind, induces will to take charge of the psyche;
4) By conscious functioning in will, free and clear from all hindrances or
modifications by the thinking-principle, liberate the seer or Master and
enter the real world.
 This method of development does not permit any so-called "psychic
experiences" during the process of entering the real world. We consider it
one of the finest and most clear-cut methods for higher attainment ever
given, and one which reflects our perception and understanding of the
natural order process."

        Sounds good to me. I have given a similar method in my article
'the psychological key to man', based on transformation of thought
patterns. Maybe I will have to clarify the notion of 'spiritual will' and
intent a bit more, as that is a key factor in processes as Patanjali
describes, right?
Basically, the spiritual growth process (or evolution process) is simple in
but there may be many self-made or conceived (or real) obstacles on the road.
Anyway, I have a little study to do in order to be able to compare it with
other sources.
You're aware, of course, that Patanjali's sutras are very short and concise.
They need some elaboration, I think, on the psychic obstacles that often pop up
when one intends to practice methods such as Patanjali's. I think Vitvan has
written on that point.

It would seem to me that some sort of unemotional and mentally satisfying
symbolism may need to be invented to be able to speak of psychic experiences
in a useful manner.

        That may come about when people get more experienced with these kind
of things.

Bee> <snip>The knowledge is there
but we all seem reluctant to study it and to apply it.

        I'm not sure if I agree to the latter part of that statement,
although I agree that the map of the psychic world/experience may not have been
outlined very clear in Theosophical teachings. Yet Judge gives some helpful
material in  ~Letters that have helped me~. If I had a scanner I would put it
on the Web. Anyone willing to scan this book? I would gladly correct scanned
material if sent by E-mail to me.


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