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Re: Psychological Models

Sep 03, 1996 03:48 PM
by JRC

Jerry ...
	Would very much like to read your dissertation. I've been using
the Tarot for close to 20 years now ... probably have done somewhere
close to 2500 readings ... and it has long struck me that it could become
an absolutely excellent diagnostic in psychotheraputics. It can be caused
to function somewhat like an MRI - taking multiple "cross-sections" of
the inner human, is capable of variable resolution (i.e., can focus in
great depth on a current condition, or can jump scales and see
deveelopment in terms of months, or years, or even a lifetime) - and so
long as the conditions and environment within which readings take place
are well designed (e.g., do not read first thing in the morning, as for
the first couple hours of a person's day the psyche is "booting up",
which produces a sort of white noise) ... the predictive abilities are
quite stunning ...
	although to tell the truth, prediction is not always possible, as
reality (IMO) exists as more of a probability matrix than a linear
function ...
	sometimes the future can be predicted with great accuracy ..
others times several distinct roads appear, with a choice/consequence
prediction for each, and other times a wide range of possible futures
seem equally likely ....
	but this is no more than common sense I suppose ... and has to do
with the way life unfolds ... a person standing on top of a hill has 360
degrees of choices of descent and little can be predicted ... but if
someone has been running downhill in a particular direction, picking up
speed faster and faster, until there is considerable momentum, and at the
bottom of the hill in the direction chosen there is a valley full of
particular sorts of experiences, one can say with almost utter certainty
that the person will enter that valley and experience those realms of
experience (a preponderance of Aces, twos and threes, modified by
particular trumps usually indicates a "top of the hill" situation, while
a surplus of eights, nines, and tens generally means some situation of
event approaches a virtually inevitable outcome).
	Anyway, I'm babbling. But I'm thrilled you did your dissertation
on this ... as I wish the Tarot would arrive at a higher degree of
credibility in modern culture. I've read for businessmen, politicians,
entertainment people, even professors in psychology departments ... and
maybe 50% of the time the people have to completely hide the fact that
they are even doing such work (look what happened to Hillary (-:) --
which is too bad .....
							Regards, -JRC

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