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Psychological Models

Sep 02, 1996 12:54 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> A theoretical model of why mythological and psychological symbol
>systems (such as astrology) can be useful needs to be explicitly stated
>so that any relevant research may be seen as clearly indicative one way
>or another regarding the question of a symbol system=92s appropriate
>usefulness in the understanding of human nature.

Jung's synchronicity is just such a model, and works well.  According to
Jung's model, the reason "why" is because such systems give meaning to our
lives.  Scientifically, neither astrology nor any other "occult science"
technique has ever been shown to have any statistical significance, and thus
are all regarded by the scientific community as hocus pocus.  My doctoral
dissertation was on the Tarot and synchronicity, and I was able to
demonstrate that the Tarot actually gives a higher rate of prediction than
chance would allow--because of synchronicity or the meaning that we give to
the card symbolism.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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