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Reply to Alan

Sep 02, 1996 10:18 AM
by Keith Price

Keith Price  writes:
>I am remembering that Maya means not illusion, but "to measure, to cut, to
>discriminate, to dualize as me and not-me.  To measure the measurer, to have
>mirror look at itself.  Zen seeks to achieve just such breakthroughs. And the
>subatomic model seems to present the same form of the looker affecting the
>looked at because they are not two things, but the snake  looking at its tail.
>Keith Price
>Keith Price

Dear Keiths,

. and you can "strangle" none of the above, surely?


Touche!  To strangle the stragler would require contortions that would require
many years of Hatha Yoga mudras or postures,  not to mention pranayama or breath
control :))

You know, Alan, it has taken me a long time to "get" your style  of humor.  Some
have said it is an American vs English clash of styles, yet if I may risk the
"flames" of personal comment.   I would sugget that your ability to notice and
"focus on with feeling" things like two Keiths, which was of course just being
sloppy on my part, may evidence that you have a very developed iintroverted
sensation function  which is certainly a needed contribution to theosophy which
is filled more with introverted intuitve and thinking types.  I have a more
conscious feeling function that intrudes more than is often wanted in the
academic type settings.

The introvered sensation type is more misunderstood than most types yet have a
very important function in the overall psychic economy according to Jung.

Keith Price, Keith Price, Keith Price...........................................

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