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Re: The WWW within

Sep 03, 1996 12:31 PM
by Martin_Euser

Alan wrote:
I think I can agree with your viewpoint almost exactly, except for the
"premise" of the "Brotherhood of man."  It is not, I do not think, a
premise, but a fact of existence, and it is not a "Brotherhood of man"
but an inter-connectedness of all life (not only human) with all other
What do *you* think about that?

        Interconnectedness is a fact of life, sure. At least, I experience
it to be so.
I used the word 'premise' from a scientific attitude of mind, not from my
actual experience of the reality of wholeness. In other words, I was thinking
about a psychological-scientific framework where it would be more appropriate
to talk about working-hypotheses and evidence for these hypotheses.
I will refer to this methodological issue from now on, unless I forget to do
so :)


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