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the www within

Sep 04, 1996 04:49 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

I'd like to add something to

>>My understanding of the "collective unconscious" is that of a Field
>>of consciousness. I also think that it is a multiple layered Field in which
>>each of us is integrated (unconscious to most of us). This is the natural
>>for the premise of the Brotherhood of man.

IMO we have a very strong physical connection as well. An Md can study in
Europe, & find the same kinds of bodies in America, 12 eyes, 1 nose & etc.
We have minerals in our bodies that are also found in other creations of
this universe. Maybe each creation uses them differently, but the components
are the same... the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, water & etc. We find all those
in the human body, as well as elsewhere, & I think that too makes us
"brothers" (including sisters & hermaphrodites).


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