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Cayce & psychism

Sep 04, 1996 04:49 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Bee, you quote something that has fascinated me for a while, & I haven't
known where to look it up.

>As I understand it, much psychic
>difficulty could stem from our lack of understanding of the symbols (words)
>we use to describe our own experiences. Every thing is a personal experience
>within each one of us and we use agreed upon symbols to express these
>experiences to each other. Unfortunately most of us abstract from an
>original experience of something, in a sloppy way and end up using symbols
>that Korsybski calls noises because they have wandered out of the path of
>abstraction of the reality of the experience and into wishful thinking,
>emotional desires etc.

I've often wondered how we communicate beyond words, and how words limit
what we can communicate, while at the same time being our most often used
We can use the arts. Actually, I wonder whether we can express more
completely and accurately than in words. I'm thinking of dreams, which are a
form of communicating. Try to put a dream into words. While you're
describing 1 part the other part disappears from your grasp. An impression
wells up from within, and it's very difficult to express exactly what you
perceive. Your man says that we perceive something, & right away we see it
through our own individual skewed lens. That's true too. It's a fascinating
subject. Did you find it written up somewhere?


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