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Re: Cayce & Psychism

Sep 01, 1996 03:53 PM
by Bee Brown

At 11:03 AM 01/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Paul><snip>There are frequent workshops and
>>conferences at the headquarters on such things-- an upcoming one on
>>for example-- and the whole point of the study group program is
>>a practical, daily approach to the spiritual life.
>P><snip> The Cayce approach minimizes the
>>importance of Masters, emphasizes the Christ Consciousness as
>>an ever-present guide, and encourages people to balance
>>physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the path.  It regards
>>psychic faculties as ordinary and unremarkable, to be used with
>>caution but without exaggerated anxiety.
>Bee>Sounds like a practical approach to the enormous interest in psychic things
>that abound today. I have run across the idea that the sutras of Patanjali
>should be revived and the methods of attaining mastery of ones own psychic
>energies should now be encouraged because humanity's evolutionary stage has
>arrived at a point where these various psychic abilities are beginning to
>manifest themselves.
>        I've come across such ideas in Vitvan's writings on Patanjali's sutras.
>Unfortunately, I've just studied a small part of this work so I cannot assess
>the feasibility of his approach. If you have formed some opinion on his method
>of attaining mastery of ones own psychic energies, feel free to discuss it
>if you want.

It is difficult to discuss at this stage because one has to be aware of the
connection between him and Korzybski (father of General Semantics). Vitvan
does an excellent job of enlarging on the sutras within the framework of
what they term non-aristotelian semantics. As I understand it, much psychic
difficulty could stem from our lack of understanding of the symbols (words)
we use to describe our own experiences. Every thing is a personal experience
within each one of us and we use agreed upon symbols to express these
experiences to each other. Unfortunately most of us abstract from an
original experience of something, in a sloppy way and end up using symbols
that Korsybski calls noises because they have wandered out of the path of
abstraction of the reality of the experience and into wishful thinking,
emotional desires etc. Therefore Patanjali says that control of our desire
nature becomes very necessary if we want a healthy mental body to pursue our
quest and further development through the psychic realms without problems.
Here is a small quote from Vitvan's 'Natural Order Process' Vol 2.

"Patanjali's work may well be called "The High Road to Mastership." A
beginner in the Quest and student of this work who has not been familiar
with the term mastership, may find it difficult to adjust  his semantic
reactions to the idea that the word mastership represents the next stage in
what is called individual development or evolution of the race.
 The words "individual" and "race" have reference to the highest developed
ones on this planet irrespective of ethnological divisions, nationality,
etc. We have the term "master"  used in different lines of endeavor; for
instance, we have master craftsman, the master of a school, worthy master of
a fraternal order, etc. Similarly, there are those who specialize in the
science of individual development and become masters of that science.
  Any given individual can go just so far in cultural attainments, artistic
accomplishments, education, technological craftsmanship, etc. without
advancing the awareness of fundamentals of reality  beyond those
orientations described as "objective";  i.e., and still remain conscious of
himself in an 'objective'  sense. Beyond this point he cannot go by further
developing intellectual ideas about himself and the universe. "Who by taking
thought can add one cubit unto his stature?" To offset from this
object-predicate manifold or orientation and enter a process of
reorientation respecting the fundamentals of himself and the universe is to
enter the way to mastership. Mastership, therefore, is a term designating
the culmination of this reorientation process.
 We know of no better method of presenting the way to mastership than by
explaining, in commentary form, the sutras as given by Patanjali. In so
doing we bring substantial evidence to bear upon the statement that the
seers of old clearly understood the fundamental energy-structure of this

"Patanjali's methodology may be summarized as follows:
 1) Disentangle the psyche from the elemental, animal and animalized human
desire influences by the superior mental powers;
2) Direct the forces by which the psychic-nature functions to the centers in
which Mind contacts the personality in identity with 'the objective world',
and thence into the Mind-level of the individualized Self or Master;
 3) Through control and purification of the thinking-principle and the
instrumentality of Mind, induces will to take charge of the psyche;
4) By conscious functioning in will, free and clear from all hindrances or
modifications by the thinking-principle, liberate the seer or Master and
enter the real world.
 This method of development does not permit any so-called "psychic
experiences" during the process of entering the real world. We consider it
one of the finest and most clear-cut methods for higher attainment ever
given, and one which reflects our perception and understanding of the
natural order process."

Later in the sutras there is an explanation about the different types of
psychic experiences and the fact that there are some levels that are more
real than others.
It would seem to me that some sort of unemotional and mentally satisfying
symbolism may need to be invented to be able to speak of psychic experiences
in a useful manner. While so many words used these days hold fearful and
even psychotic connotations, it seems rather daunting to try to explain
one's own psychic experiences in an understandable way especially to someone
in the throes of scaring themselves into serious trouble through lack of
knowledge of what is happening to them. If it is the time for humanity to
experience and overcome this area of reality then it is real scary to think
how little proper knowledge is around for us to use. The knowledge is there
but we all seem reluctant to study it and to apply it.

>        Yes, I agree: educate, educate..
>Many millions of people are trying to get some grasp of what's happening in
>world on this area and methodologies are being developed to help people in
>need to integrate the spiritual (energy, consciousness) into their daily life.
>My prediction is that this topic will get more attention in the next millenium
>as it presents a major step forward for humanity along the line of natural
>evolution (paradigms of wholeness). It should also be a most relevant topic
of discussion for Theosophical circles IMO.
>Bee>I read a report from a European meeting of psychiatrists etc, that around
>65% of the worlds population have mental disturbances in varying
>degrees.Only a very small % of those are under treatment. The behaviour of
>people in general seems to indicate that such may be the case. I wonder what
>will be done about it, if anything!!
>        It is simple to see disasters coming when this fact is not openly
>faced and dealt with. The need for education on the natural order is very high,
>I think. Something that is recognized by many New Age type of organizations
>and these will offer instruction as they see fit. It may be our duty to offer
>as high quality (clear and practical) instruction/education as we can manage.
>My hope is that awareness of these duties will become more generally realized
>(within or without Theosophical circles) in order to guide humanity towards
>a brighter future.>

Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

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