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Re: Remember memories of past lives

Sep 01, 1996 02:56 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>  I am finding that my past life experience as the the sick child has somewhat
>and "possessed" me in my everyday reality.  I am trying to decide if I need to
>get special help and feel I may be in what Cristina Grof calls a "spiritual
>emergency" of sorts.  It seems we may forget past lives for very, very good

Or perhaps this past life keeps coming up now because it needs to be dealt with.

When I was in college I met a man who caused me great emotional turmoil
everytime I saw him.  I'd probably spoken three words to him as a fellow art
student, yet he caused an avalanche of feelings in me.  We did get to know each
other as friends and he gave me copy of Be Here Now and introduced me to other
spiritual ideas that were, at that time, foreign to my culture and family
background.  Later, I found out he was a student of mine in a past life, giving
me a needed shove on the path in this life.

So there was a lot of emotional pain and confusion that went on for at least two
years, yet it worked out in the end.

I agree, though, that knowing all of our past lives, or even several that don't
pertain to this one, would be very distracting.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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