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Re: Cayce & Psychism

Sep 01, 1996 07:59 AM
by Martin_Euser

Paul><snip>There are frequent workshops and
>conferences at the headquarters on such things-- an upcoming one on regression,
>for example-- and the whole point of the study group program is
>a practical, daily approach to the spiritual life.

P><snip> The Cayce approach minimizes the
>importance of Masters, emphasizes the Christ Consciousness as
>an ever-present guide, and encourages people to balance
>physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the path.  It regards
>psychic faculties as ordinary and unremarkable, to be used with
>caution but without exaggerated anxiety.

Bee>Sounds like a practical approach to the enormous interest in psychic things
that abound today. I have run across the idea that the sutras of Patanjali
should be revived and the methods of attaining mastery of ones own psychic
energies should now be encouraged because humanity's evolutionary stage has
arrived at a point where these various psychic abilities are beginning to
manifest themselves.

        I've come across such ideas in Vitvan's writings on Patanjali's sutras.
Unfortunately, I've just studied a small part of this work so I cannot assess
the feasibility of his approach. If you have formed some opinion on his method
of attaining mastery of ones own psychic energies, feel free to discuss it
if you want.

Bee>If the psychic centers are beginning to
stir then it seems sensible to educate people about that, rather than let it
happen out of the blue and cause fear and possible mental problems.

        Yes, I agree: educate, educate..
Many millions of people are trying to get some grasp of what's happening in this
world on this area and methodologies are being developed to help people in
need to integrate the spiritual (energy, consciousness) into their daily life.
My prediction is that this topic will get more attention in the next millenium
as it presents a major step forward for humanity along the line of natural
(paradigms of wholeness). It should also be a most relevant topic of discussion
for Theosophical circles IMO.

Bee>I read a report from a European meeting of psychiatrists etc, that around
65% of the worlds population have mental disturbances in varying
degrees.Only a very small % of those are under treatment. The behaviour of
people in general seems to indicate that such may be the case. I wonder what
will be done about it, if anything!!

        It is simple to see disasters coming when this fact is not openly
faced and dealt with. The need for education on the natural order is very high,
I think. Something that is recognized by many New Age type of organizations
and these will offer instruction as they see fit. It may be our duty to offer
as high quality (clear and practical) instruction/education as we can manage.
My hope is that awareness of these duties will become more generally realized
(within or without Theosophical circles) in order to guide humanity towards
a brighter future.

Paul: if you feel like presenting more info on the Cayce approach
(such as 'a practical, daily approach to the spiritual life and the Christ
Consciousness as an ever-present guide', and 'encourages people to balance
physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the path') please let us know.


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