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Re: the WWW within

Sep 01, 1996 07:59 AM
by Martin_Euser

M>I think that we are
>all ready to learn something practical *now*, not in some distant future!

Alan>Indeed we are.  Not just we who subscribe to the various lists, but
anyone and everyone.  The "Web Link" to "The Masters" is nothing more
(nothing more!?) IMHO and IMH experience than a link through each and
every human psyche to the knowledge of human wisdom stored, not in some
"Akasic" record, but in the group mind/soul of the human race itself -
the "collective unconscious" of Jungian psychology.

>It doesn't come free, though - we need to work at it.

        My understanding of the "collective unconscious" is that of a Field
of consciousness. I also think that it is a multiple layered Field in which
each of us is integrated (unconscious to most of us). This is the natural basis
for the premise of the Brotherhood of man. One can contact more inner layers
of this Field (e.g.,noetic mind) and integrate that phase of consciousness into
the more outer layers through daily life experience. This has a bearing on
our relations to others, who will partake in our experiences to some degree.
This whole topic of integration of inner experience into daily life is of
major significance as it is the way societies transform themselves.
What do you think about that?


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