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Re: the WWW within

Sep 01, 1996 04:26 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Martin_Euser
<> writes
>My understanding of the "collective unconscious" is that of a Field
>of consciousness. I also think that it is a multiple layered Field in which
>each of us is integrated (unconscious to most of us). This is the natural basis
>for the premise of the Brotherhood of man. One can contact more inner layers
>of this Field (e.g.,noetic mind) and integrate that phase of consciousness into
>the more outer layers through daily life experience. This has a bearing on
>our relations to others, who will partake in our experiences to some degree.
>This whole topic of integration of inner experience into daily life is of
>major significance as it is the way societies transform themselves.
>What do you think about that?

I think I can agree with your viewpoint almost exactly, except for the
"premise" of the "Brotherhood of man."  It is not, I do not think, a
premise, but a fact of existence, and it is not a "Brotherhood of man"
but an inter-connectedness of all life (not only human) with all other

What do *you* think about that?

Alan :-)
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