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Creative Loving

Sep 01, 1996 04:38 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960901130347_72723.2375_FHP33-1@CompuServe.COM>, "Ann E.
Bermingham" <> writes
>I would rather use the words "give oneself very slowly" as an act of sacrifice
>  The word "kill" implies some kind of
>destruction, rather than a letting go of one's selfish desires.  The act of
>surrender to the higher will is bliss rather the feeling of nails being pounded

I would rather use the words "give *of* oneself, not as an act of
sacrifice, but as an act of love which can be repeated over and over,
continually refilled from the "Eternal Spirit" with which we are all
connected.  There is then no need of "surrender" to anything, only to
try to do what is necessary as our contribution to the well-being of all
that lives.  The spiritual way is not, definitely *not* (IMHE) any kind
of *war* and language like "surrender" belongs to warfare, as does
"kill" and "strangle" and all those dreadful expressions which the 19th
century patriarchal cultures dumped on us.  Time that *we* dumped

Alan :-)
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