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Re: the WWW within

Sep 05, 1996 05:38 PM
by Pre-installed User

Liesel wrote:

>IMO we have a very strong physical connection as well. An Md can study in
Europe, & find the same kinds of bodies in America, 12 eyes, 1 nose & etc.

^^^^ a new species?

>We have minerals in our bodies that are also found in other creations of
this universe. Maybe each creation uses them differently, but the
are the same... the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, water & etc. We find all
in the human body, as well as elsewhere, & I think that too makes us
"brothers" (including sisters & hermaphrodites).

	Yes, you're right of course. The Field I have in mind is built of
(as matter is just a form of consciousness and vice versa in different
degrees of vibration)
and It includes the earth as well. Your example makes clear that everything
is connected
on the physical level. Ecology is well established as a science, I think,
and many people
understand that we cannot continue to poison this earth on a mass-scale.
Your example can also serve as an analogy to what people share on other
(emotionally, mentally, etc.) and make clear how much we influence each
other, absorbing such
influences from our environment and vice versa.


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