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Group souls

Aug 02, 1996 04:38 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Dear Liesel,

My 2 cents' worth agrees with you.  I would perhaps go so far as to say
that the group soul of humans follows pretty much the same pattern as
any other group soul.  One of its components however, seems to be the
wish to believe that the human group soul is superior.

Cats are very special, and as individual as we are.  They are different
from us, sure, but they also know how to manipulate us .....

Many years ago I "met" the cat goddess Bast (Egyptian).  She appeared as
ENORMOUS.  Then I understood why the ancient Egyptians made the statues
so huge!

(If anyone wants me to tell the story, forget it, unless they really
want to know what I experienced - period. And private e-mail only.)


In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>I've often wondered what the difference is between the concepts of animal
>groups souls and the human collective unconscious. As a Rupert Sheldrake
>fan, I think it makes sense that individuals add to the combined experience
>and knowledge of the entire human race and that new individuals draw
>whatever "suits" them from this morphogenetic field. So it is said that
>there is a pool of experience stored up for both animals and humans. On the
>more earthly side, I defy anyone to convince me that Chouchou doesn't have
>an entirely different personalitiy than had Mysty, my first cat who got run

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