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Re:Historic Jesus(reply to Dr. Alan Bain)

Aug 02, 1996 11:30 AM

Alan wrote:
>this is Christian history or doctrinal discussion, not theosophy.

When I refer to canonization of some texts such  as Revelations and epistle of James, stablished in
the century IV by the first councils of the church I pretended to show that 2 Timoty was not put
under suspicion at that time. I am tried to show that this epistle was not a forgery, because it
was not contested by any canon. Reading Unveiled Isis, chapter <Before Veil> BOOK 1(start
page 71, end 97) page 94 HPB defines theosophy, and says that one of its purposes is
discuss errors committed by Catholic church, in history. So I understand that christian history
is also a matter discussed in theosophical groups. Am I wrong?

>Abrantes: I would like that you give me historic references. I am open to this dialog, even
>knowing that maybe I am discussing with non-christians.
>Alan: Are you able to check the sources that Blavatsky mentions in "Isis"?

This difficulty can be overcome, at least partially, with INTERNET. I already consulted some
sites that follows:                        gnostic texts"; 		CICI Home Page - Catholic.Net	The Ecole Initiative: Early Church			Early Church Fathers


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