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Re: Rethinking Esotericism

Aug 02, 1996 04:29 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I feel that part of the significance of the Aquarian Age is the
>end of esotericism in the sense of deliberate concealment and
>restriction of access to spiritual teachings.  The age of
>Pisces was about devotion and service, self-sacrifice and
>commitment, which easily plays into a master/slave
>relationship.  Chela, after all, means slave.  Whereas the
>Aquarian energies are about *public access* (e.g. the Internet)
>and equality and independence-- none of which fits in with the
>tradition of esotericism as a modus operandi.

Then the idea of esosteric knowledge (as in knowledge confined to a small group)
made accessible on the internet (world-wide access) would actually be a
contradiction.  Perhaps that which was formerly esoteric will become exoteric.
And in 100 years no one will even think twice about it.  They'll be busy reading
it on their computer notepads on the way to work or watching it on their
wristband view screens.  Or experiencing it in virtual reality.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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