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Re: What's next in the movement

Aug 02, 1996 04:47 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>In short, there is no way around it:  my inner certainty keeps suggesting
>that it is the inner word and not the inner picture which is at the threshold
>of Buddhi-manas consciousness.
	Thanks for the dialogue, Richard.  Its a facinating subject, at least
to me.  I am not sure that we really have any conflict here, when all is
said and done.  Where the images fall away, depends on where you are
on the "7-plane model" at the time, exactly what model you are using, and
what your terminology is.  Let me just say that Eastern Esotericism
teaches that the two highest and longest-lasting senses are sight and
sound, and that the highest of these is sound (thus mantras and the
famous OM).  So, I don't disagree with your finding that at some point
sight (images) falls away and only sound (words--which are nothing
more than another form of symbol) remains.  Whether this occurs
precisely at the "buddhi-manas threshold" is probably the only point
left to debate.  I agree that at this threshold thoughts are no longer
clothed in language, but appear as naked ideas.  That is my experience
as well.

> ...phrased like this:  "Is thinking possible without words?"
	Not as we think of thinking.  Animals think without
words, but their "thinking" is not exactly what we usually mean
by the term.  I see thoughts as ideas clothed in words and
these are sometimes charged with emotional energy, but
sometimes not.  Telepathy is done with ideas, and bypasses

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

PS.  BTW, I agree that we all have multiple selves or egos.

PS to PS:  And you are right--no one will ever know who won.

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