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Re: What's next in the movement

Aug 04, 1996 00:31 AM
by Murray Stentiford


>. . . And speaking of watching, Jerry, I think that the last
>one-person-in-a-trillion who might have been interested in watching us
>debate this stuff has just left audience. . . .
Can I put my hand up here? There have been some big gaps in my access to
theos-l over the last few months, but I keep finding that despite the first
few milliseconds of feeling that each of your posts on psychogenetics is
jargon-laden and too hard for me, I then go on to find that most of it
actually makes sense; to be real condensation nuclei for many of the ways I
regard the innerscape, to gather around.

>The biggest stumbling block seems to be getting other people to regard
>something they see, taste, touch, smell or hear as a temporary
>ego-formation ("physical'--e.g., "I am my toothache"), or something they
>want as another type of ego-formation ("desire-feeling"--e.g., "I am my
>craving for pizza") or like/dislike-tainted idea as still another type of
>ego-formation ("desire-mental"--e.g., "I am my gut-opposition to
>abortion") etc.
I dunno. It seems really obvious to me that consciousness is forever playing
games of identifying itself with something or somestate, and then bouncing
out and doing it again in another way. I find this particularly evident in
meditation. In little loops within bigger ones, too. The big loops are
evolutionary stages and the little ones are hour-to-hour or even
second-by-second, and other stages in between like a fractal.

The whole machinery of the layers or qualities in which this happens is
something I won't go into here; for one thing, I'm feeling my way into an
experiential appreciation of it wherein I welcome inputs such as your own,
but try to keep my ideas as open and flexible as possible, ready for more
inputs and discoveries.

But I believe this dance of the point or area of identification is key to an
understanding of so many theosophical ideas. For instance, the avidya or
ignorance of our "true" nature is where the circle of identification is
small and, perhaps you could say, in a relatively dense arena of
manifestation. Another thing, meditation is in a way the attempt to widen
and somewhat etherialise the area of identification; it can happen a little
or a lot, as in the ultimate states when our area of identification is
virtually cosmos-wide.

There's an input side to it, ie perceptual, affecting the horizon of
perception, and an output side of action across the planes, too, thinking of
the saying that where attention goes, energy flows.

Anyway, your concept of ego-formations coming in and out of existence is
just so apt, I find. I would add thoughts of polarities and energy flows to
it all, too. These ideas illuminate reincarnation as well, but before I
cross over into Alan's interests, I'd better sign off for now.

Well, I must be a bit weird too, then. Does that make 3 in a trillion?
Hah! ... Maybe not.

Member TI and the TS in NZ

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