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Important information on ATLANTIS

Aug 03, 1996 08:02 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

For over 2 weeks there has been an ongoing discussion
on Theos-l about the Mahatma Letters, science, Atlantis
and Lemuria.  It has been a good, thought-provoking discussion with
all parties focusing on issues and ideas and with no name
calling.  Congratulations to all participants.  This is a
partial realization of what the Internet can REALLY BE!

I copy below a message from "Blavatsky Net" about their
new web site.  I think Theos-l subscribers who have
been following with interest the Atlantis discussion will
find some very interesting material at Blavatsky Net.

Daniel H. Caldwell

Blavatsky Net's posting is as follows:

>"Blavatsky Net" is pleased to join this conversation and announce a new web
>site devoted to researching the writings of, and vindicating, H. P.
>Blavatsky.  The URL is


>As a contribution to the current discussion, Blavatsky Net has put online a
>page on the subject of Atlantis.  It can be found under the "Evidence
>supportive of Theosophy" choice on the homepage.

>Blavatsky Net will continue to add more information vindicating H. P.

>Best wishes to All - Scribe

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