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Re: TI members

Jul 22, 1996 02:13 PM
by Martin_Euser

JRC wrote:
	*Excellent* - any other brave volunteers?

	You can add me as a volunteer.

Question to John: does 'Links to other Theosophical People & Organizations'
include links to (small t) theosophical organizations?
If so, then I have some links available (I've mentioned one to Alan already)

Regarding The History of Theosophy: there exist some pages on that
already on the internet (TSA stuff I think). Maybe these pages
can be copied and edited to speed up the process of writing
(not that I am volunteering :))

JRC>	Yes ... in fact I'm hoping that when the link gets up and running 
the "TI Essays and Projects" page will have links to a few dozen 
different pieces that will at least partially represent the diversity of 
thought of the TI membership - do you suppose you could organize what you 
are doing around one or two "themes" (I'm already thinking of the 
"Essays" page ... and think the best way to design it would be to have 
several different themes so visitors could select a theme, then get a 
page w/ a menu of different online works - both from current TI members 
as well as (perhaps) other, older materials that are making their way 
online ... but this is just brainstorming at this point (-:). 

	How about the themes 'esoteric psychology', 'Life after death?', 
'The initiatory cycle' to suggest but a few? The internet has quite some
material online on such topics, so links can be easily provided.
Otherwise your home page looks fine.


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