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Re: TI members

Jul 21, 1996 07:12 PM
by JRC

On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, liesel f. deutsch wrote:
> I like what you've got.
> You can use my e-mail address as a resource person.
	*Excellent* - any other brave volunteers?

> I've decided to give up making my own home page, but I'm in the process of
> compiling some of what I wrote on theos-l onto a disk. I eventually (like
> the 1st of the year) want to print up a booklet of the material. I told Alan
> he could have the material on a disk for the TI archives, but the TI home
> page suits me just as well.
	Yes ... in fact I'm hoping that when the link gets up and running 
the "TI Essays and Projects" page will have links to a few dozen 
different pieces that will at least partially represent the diversity of 
thought of the TI membership - do you suppose you could organize what you 
are doing around one or two "themes" (I'm already thinking of the 
"Essays" page ... and think the best way to design it would be to have 
several different themes so visitors could select a theme, then get a 
page w/ a menu of different online works - both from current TI members 
as well as (perhaps) other, older materials that are making their way 
online ... but this is just brainstorming at this point (-:). 

> Hope you get a response.
	Boy howdy, me too.
						Toodles, -JRC

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