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Re: TI members

Jul 23, 1996 06:33 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Ok I'll try to organize it around a theme. It'll  be a while. Nothing comes
fast these days.

Toddles to you too


>On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, liesel f. deutsch wrote:
>> I like what you've got.
>> You can use my e-mail address as a resource person.
>	*Excellent* - any other brave volunteers?
>> I've decided to give up making my own home page, but I'm in the process of
>> compiling some of what I wrote on theos-l onto a disk. I eventually (like
>> the 1st of the year) want to print up a booklet of the material. I told Alan
>> he could have the material on a disk for the TI archives, but the TI home
>> page suits me just as well.
>	Yes ... in fact I'm hoping that when the link gets up and running 
>the "TI Essays and Projects" page will have links to a few dozen 
>different pieces that will at least partially represent the diversity of 
>thought of the TI membership - do you suppose you could organize what you 
>are doing around one or two "themes" (I'm already thinking of the 
>"Essays" page ... and think the best way to design it would be to have 
>several different themes so visitors could select a theme, then get a 
>page w/ a menu of different online works - both from current TI members 
>as well as (perhaps) other, older materials that are making their way 
>online ... but this is just brainstorming at this point (-:). 
>> Hope you get a response.
>	Boy howdy, me too.
>						Toodles, -JRC

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