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Re: Sex (to Ann)

Jul 22, 1996 03:44 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>  It is my understanding that an initiate, being stimulated by the
>intiation process and having to deal with the powerful forces inside of
>has to channel that energy into a creative project which will benefit humanity.
>This will put the available energy into another arena rather than the sex life.
>However, there will still some energy moving towards the lower chakras and that
>could be used in an appropriate relationship.  That relationship could be of
>mutual benefit, as each person could help other in their work.

	Ann, spiritualization will always stimulate the lower chakras.
The problem is what to do about it.  I have found that writing books
is a big help--when one is finally published, I feel just like I gave birth.
However, even that is not enough.  There are really only two options:
(1) have sex with yourself or another person, or (2) move the psychic
energy from the lower chakras to the higher.  Since I am married
(going on 33 years, BTW), I have both options available.  There are
Taoist Yoga and Tantric techniques for raising the energy levels to
higher chakras, and those who wish to remain celibate should look
into practicing these.  I have had varying degrees of success with
this, but intimacy with my Significant Other works best.

>>The vast majority [of theosophists]
>>believe in sex for procreation only, just like the Catholics.
>>This goes back to HPB's extolling of celibacy.
>This is news to me.  

	It was certainly a surprise to me too.  But the comments
that flowed back to us from the essay we wrote all shouted this.
Not one person agreed with us.  I believe that even G de Purucker
writes that sex is for procreation only, but I can't recall where.

>Your views, Jerry S., sound like something along the lines of modern Tantra.
>Which is certainly fine with me.

	Well, I generally don't use sex for spiritual development (my
wife doesn't go for that sort of thing).  But I do for intimacy, which is
psychological healthy when confined to one couple sharing their
lives together.  Unlike HPB, I believe that one can marry and still tread 
the Path.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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