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Re: Alexis Dolgorukii on "THE DAY THAT THE T.S. DIED" (repost)

Jul 10, 1996 08:10 AM
by aprioripa

>I think our major possibility of disagreement lies in the fact that I do
>see Tibetan Tantrik Buddhism as a really desirable pathway to the greater
>higher realities. It tends to get so terribly caught up in "the forest", 
>that it fails to see "the trees". 
     My understanding is that many Initiates and Mahatmas do, as an
exoteric form of service, preside in some area of human religion and that
this expression is also much more of a function of the limitations of
humanity's capacity to relate to spiritual realities than how they would be
if they could completely manifest as how they are.  The area of religious
expression that they would choose would depend on where their service is
needed most, perhaps to work for the transformation of the system, and
would thereby indicate their chosen sacrifice and service rather than a
validation of the religious system.  For example if an Initi te or a
Mahatma became the Pope or Dalai Lama they would then be in a position to
transform these fields but would do so in a way that the people involved
could relate to.  Being in such a position, however, would not signify a
validation of all of the aspects of those religions.  I believe, from what
I have read, that the M D.K. presides, in one of his duties, over a
lamasary in Nepal or Tibet. 
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