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Re: Really Attracting Oneness

Jul 10, 1996 07:27 AM
by Shaman

> Thanks BCS (do you like BCS or Baltimore)

I've been called so many things, the list is too long for the internet. :-)
I've been called BC, Bee (but that's already taken by someone else on
this list :-) and assorted other things. I suppose B works okay. I
save Baltimore for legal documents. 

..[being alive]...

> Indeed being alive in the sense of being transparent to Will, Love and Wisdom
> without the feeling of pushing or pulling the lower bodies around as a kind of
> corpse.

Part of being alive is being open and experiential with all those 
factors. Our bodies aren't burdens in this consciousness. They are a 
vehicle for learning. In this life, we can't be entirely transparent
to Will, Love and Wisdom...but it is our job to reconcile our physical
lives to those things. 

>  Buddha was asked by his disciple if he was enlightened or divine or
> what? and he replied, it is told, "I'm awake!"

I couldn't have said it better myself. :-)

> much easier to go to sleep, to accept the messages of the world as they lull us
> into conformity and a typed of drugged sleep from cradle to grave.

Being really alive is far from "easy." Granted, the giving in to the
prevailing style makes life a lot easier...but not nearly as fulfilling. 
It requires a denial of who and what we are. We are spiritual beings
having and earthly experience -- not earthly beings having a spiritual

>  I am trying
> to go beyond blaming.  I can see how easy it is for me to blame "society",
> education, the govenment, this group or that group, my family and on and on.

Good idea. It certainly won't get you anywhere to blame. We all came to
this planet having agreed to our experiences -- the good along with
the bad. 

> Awakening to the one is my responsibility and only I can travel the path into
> the light.  It helps to have good friends and teachers on the way. 

It's essential. We can't do it alone because Spirit uses other people
to teach us. 

> connection to the light and experience on the path as a kind of mutual
> recognition.

Mutual recognition of what? 

>  I think that being really alive is very threatening and is
> accompanied by fear, anger, depression, false pride

Fear of the unknown, I agree with. I am not sure about depression or
false pride. I guess, for me, all of this is just so natural...and I
am totally aware that every human being on the planet comes with the
"software" to do it. He or she just has to make the choice...and it
*is* that simple. 

> and hopefully an ultimate
> ability to love-connect-respond to the One no matter the seeming seperateness.

There is no separateness though. If you can imagine it (I don't know
if you are visual or not), it's almost like that movie "Stargate" where
there is a veil...and we can go through that veil...and *that's* the
scary part...because it brings up so much unfamiliarity (on a conscious
level anyway.) Our unconscious and Higher Selves communicate with the
other side of that veil constantly. We can go back and forth with
reasonable ease...once we get the hang of it. 

Does any of this resonate for you? 

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "I strive to be the person
                                                my dog thinks I am."

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