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Really Attracting Oneness

Jul 09, 1996 09:10 PM
by Keith Price

I am sorry I sent the post twice.  I get the digest and I sent it again about 2
minutes before I got the new 24 hour digest.

Thanks BCS (do you like BCS or Baltimore) for your thoughtful point by point
response.  If I may I would like to focus on the core issue for me which you
relate as "being alive". 

>  The cults like David Koresh
> and even the militia movement show the need for love projected on a spiritual
> teacher or ideal that takes on twisted form that nevertheless screams to
> for some healthy response even thought the cry for help is very sick.  

Absolutely. We come to this planet full of questions and spend our
earthly existences looking for the answers. Although sometimes I agree
with Joseph Campbell that we aren't so much looking for the meaning of
life as we are looking for the experience of being alive. 

Indeed being alive in the sense of being transparent to Will, Love and Wisdom
without the feeling of pushing or pulling the lower bodies around as a kind of
corpse.  Buddha was asked by his disciple if he was enlightened or divine or
what? and he replied, it is told, "I'm awake!"

I myself am undergoing a type of spiritual awakening as we all are.  It is so
much easier to go to sleep, to accept the messages of the world as they lull us
into conformity and a typed of drugged sleep from cradle to grave.  I am trying
to go beyond blaming.  I can see how easy it is for me to blame "society",
education, the govenment, this group or that group, my family and on and on.
Awakening to the one is my responsibility and only I can travel the path into
the light.  It helps to have good friends and teachers on the way.  I hear your
connection to the light and experience on the path as a kind of mutual
recognition.  I think that being really alive is very threatening and is
accompanied by fear, anger, depression, false pride and hopefully an ultimate
ability to love-connect-respond to the One no matter the seeming seperateness.

Keith Price 

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