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Stuck in the middle

Jul 10, 1996 08:29 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Richard Ihle commented on feeling stranded in the Theosophical
movement, with people on his "right" lining up with John A. and
Radha B. redefining the TS in a more exclusive, dogmatic
direction, while some on his "left" seem to exemplify an
irresponsible and destructive cynicism.  One group wants to
deny the very obvious dysfunctionality of Theosophical
organizations, and to blame the problems on "those others who
don't really belong."  The other side denies the very obvious
dysfunctionality of criticisms expressed in a way seemingly guaranteed to
offend and disturb.  I keep wondering how many there are who
both recognize the seriousness of the problems facing the
movement, and are willing to communicate in an atmosphere of
mutual respect with those who might help find solutions.  So
far, it seems that cyberspace communication has done little or
nothing to help improve the health of the Theosophical
movement.  Can or will it do so in the future?

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