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Re: Alexis Dolgorukii on "THE DAY THAT THE T.S. DIED" (repost)

Jul 08, 1996 11:12 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 09:50 AM 7/8/96 -0400, you wrote:

>     This is the occurence as HPB re-attained to her identity of Monadic
>consciousness.  The previous personality experiences were naught but
>recapitulation and largely the karma of humanity at that time (which she
>sacrificially incarnated through) and not her own expression. 
>     Many souls then and today are born through bizarre experiences and
>circumstances but transmute these to move toward higher realities and
>thereby help offset some of humanity's difficulties, both by example and
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>***  /

That is certainly a rational explanation of what may have happened. 

As you very likely know, the T.S. has never claimed that HPB had attained
Monadic consciousness. The T.S. has always claimed she was "only" a Chela.
Now, I myself think of her as an adept, and my personal definition of
"adept" implies (at least) Monadic consciousness, or what I call Total
Personality Integration. 

The only question I have, however, is "Why Tibetan Tantrik Buddhism? There
are far more advanced metaphysical philosophies, and Tibetan Buddhism is, as
far as I am concerned, more than a little primitive, because I see all
religions as primitive. Yelena Blavatskaya's missions were two. One: To
bring about a reconciliation of science and metaphysical philosophy (not
"religion"). Two: To introduce to the Western World, the concepts regarding
the greater reality that had been obliterated by Christianity and the utter
materialism it gave birth to.

I think our major possibility of disagreement lies in the fact that I do NOT
see Tibetan Tantrik Buddhism as a really desirable pathway to the greater or
higher realities. It tends to get so terribly caught up in "the forest",
that it fails to see "the trees".



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