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Re: TSA bad Karma

Jun 17, 1996 00:24 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 09:26 PM 6/16/96 -0400, you wrote:
>hi -
>I have a question:
>what should TSA or Adyar do to relieve/remove their karmic bounds
>and past problems?  seriously,  can they?  if not,  then what
>is their future?
>karmic problems include:
>AB and CWL
>TSA/Adyar secrecy/conspiracy
>my question is trying to address what it really takes (i.e. actions
>in the physical plane) to put things straight for the future.
>peace -
>john e. mead


I am so glad to see you asking this question. I think the answer is
contained in The motto of the Theosophical society. Be truthful!
Where AB and CWL are concerned let all the truth be released and let the
"chips fall where they may". As to TSA/Adyar perhaps the society should have
independent National Sections until all the bitterness fades or forever,
whichever comes first. We are certainly close to that state now. As to
secrecy/conspiracy?That can only be solved by doing what James Long did in
the Pasadena society. Disband the E.S. because it is the source and cause of
all of the "conspiracy theories", if it didn't exist, neither would the
theories. Lastly the various officers of the various groups must learn that
openness with one's membership always pays far more than secrecy. Haven't
all americans learned that from watching President Nixon's travails. That's
the only product of secrecy...trouble!
As to action? Well I truly believe that if enough people care about it, and
are willing to "stick their necks out for it", we'll get positive results. I
think human rights have come a very long way since 1950 when I became
involved in the work, I "stuck my neck out" often and in spite of a couple
of close calls my head's still firmly attached. America is a far freer place
than it was in 1950!

alexis dolgorukii
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