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Re: Ruminations (Martin Euser)

Jun 17, 1996 00:14 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 09:08 PM 6/16/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Martin wrote:.
>> I would like to see people who are
>> 	dissatisfied with core theosophy talk about what they
>>	think are viable alternatives, interpretations, etc.,
>>	backed up with arguments and evidence for such alternatives.
>I, too, would like to see these alternatives with arguments, evidence in
>of them.  We hear so much talk against core theosophy yet I seldom see anyone
>point out alternatives with the supporting arguments, etc.

Those of us who view theosophy as a process and not as a religion, and I am
clearly only one of many, do not talk against "Core Doctrines" so much, as
deny they exist. It is very hard to marshall rational arguments against an
opponent who responds with the equivalent of "God Says". I have yet to meet
a "theosophy as process" proponent who did not come to that position from
years and years of study of the SAME books and letters you literalists have
also studied for years and years. I, and those who agree with me, have
simply drawn totally different conclusions than you have. In point of fact,
it is quite possible that when things "settle down" sufficiently so that we
can have a rational and amicable discussion we will find that both sides use
the same quotations to prove opposite conclusions. What then?

I am hoping that alt.theosophy (when it becomes functional) will serve as a
"safety valve" for this type of discussion and leave this venue, Theos-list,
for old time theosophists of either camp to have calm and intellectual

alexis dolgorukii

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